National Trust Colour Set - Texturemap

This truly unique palette of 36 colours is the result of an extensive collaboration between Fired Earth and the National Trust and is inspired and informed by the extraordinarily rich diversity of Collections now in the Trust’s care. From the beautiful White Garden at Sissinghurst, to humble back-to-back terraces in Birmingham, the National Trust palette references a wealth of architectural, garden, landscape and archival design detail.

This texturemap contains a simple drop-down menu with the 36 colours in it, and simply select which colour you want to use on your visualisations. Due to the many various render engines and workflows this texturemap may require gamma correction to 2.2 to produce accurate colour representations. This can be achieved by in MentalRay by adding a gamma & gain map to the diffuse colour channel, then adding this texturemap inside.

Happy Painting!